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Northern Lights


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Linoleum print, paper size 21 x 29,7cm (DIN A4), print size: 17 x 21.

An aurora, also commonly known as the northern lights, is a natural light display in Earth’s sky, dominantly seen in regions around the Arctic and Antarctic. Auroras display dynamic patterns of brilliant lights that appear as curtains, rays, spirals, or dynamic flickers covering the entire night sky in a colour palette of green, blue, and sometimes even pink.

The Northern Lights have inspired some of the most dramatic tales in Norse mythology. The Vikings celebrated the lights, believing they were earthly manifestations of their gods. Other Norse people feared them, telling stories of the dangers they posed and developing superstitions to protect themselves. Whether a harbinger of good or evil, the lights were as magical and revered as they continue to be today.

This print is part of the ‘Travel Bucket List‘ series.


Hand-carved and printed on white paper with blue caligo safe wash relief ink.

Each print might vary slightly due to the handmade process. This could be slight specks of ‘noise’ or spots with uneven ink texture.

Frame not included.



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