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Knitting Mermaid


In stock

Linoleum print, paper size 45 x 64cm, print size 42 x 59,4cm (DIN A2).

Let me introduce you to the knitting mermaid!

This young mermaid was bored with her normal fishtail and took it upon herself to update her tail pattern with some creativity. It is her first knitting project so there might be some mistakes or irregularities but she is doing her best and every creative started at some point with some imperfect art. I think we can all relate to it. Nevertheless, she will definitely stand out amongst the sea folk and she is excited to show off her new piece to them and all of you.

Hand-carved and printed on white paper, with black caligo safe wash relief ink.

Each print might vary slightly due to the handmade process. This could be slight specks of ‘noise’ or spots with uneven ink texture.

Frame not included.



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